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Announcing ADDI

This is the first in a series of blog posts chronicling the creation of a new protocol for linking and exchanging data across the digital world. That protocol is called ADDI - Async Data Discovery and Interchange. Read more »

The Data-Centric Spectrum

I was recently was asked the question of ‘What is the relationship between data and services?’. The answer is bigger than it might seem at first. This post starts to explore that answer. Read more »

Planning for the next six months

Thinking out loud about what I would like to accomplish over the next six months. Read more »

Quicky and dirty fix for wrong architecture error from node-waf

I needed to use Cloud9 behind a firewall tonight.  I followed the instructions, using Node v0.8.9 and npm 1.1.61, on a MacBook Air running 10.7.3. They didn't work. I tried both cloning from git then running sm,  and just running sm.  So I set about trying to build from scratch. Read more »

How to wrangle cowboy_client

A short example of how to use a little known HTTP client within the Cowboy app. It works well, and can be adapted to other protocols as well. Read more »

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